The unwritten facts about big beautiful women

BBW stands for big beautiful women, which has become a popular term on bbw dating sites. Instead of being merely a popular hashtag on social media, big and beautiful women are vivid and real. If you are looking forward to meeting a compatible BBW woman on bbw hookup apps, then there are a few unwritten facts about big beautiful women that you don’t know. 

The term BBW originated from adult movies. 

Almost impossible to find the subject about bbw women on literature, more and more BBW lovers find out that the popular term of BBW might originates from porn. Despite this interesting piece of information, some haters resort to this reason to express their dislike for big and beautiful women. However, don’t get me wrong since porn is totally natural and there’s nothing to be ashamed for big sized girls for being in one. According to the founder of the largest curvy dating site, what’s negative is letting the unreasonable expectations impact your thoughts and your dating life with the big sized women. One of the leading big beautiful woman on chubby dating sites once said that plus sized women pursue visibility and representation of fat, empowered, sexually liberated bodies, and there’s nothing wrong about that. 

BBW women hate being a fetish.

A huge number of big and beautiful have gone through and suffered from a lot of judgements as well as biased views from others, which made big sized women believe that the chances of finding love are very, very slim. And for the big beautiful women who do find the compatible BBW lover, it’s only because they have a fetish for BBW Asian girls, BBW white girls as well as BBW black girls. However, big beautiful women hate existing only in the sexual fantasy of their men, instead, BBW women want to feel special, unique and respected by their men, instead of someone who’s into “fat bodies”.

It can also be a sexual preference for some. 

As plenty of different sexual preferences exist in the world, the term BBW can hold sexual connotations for some, which is not a bad thing. Not only a huge number of BBW women are identified of fat sexualities, around 67% of BBW lovers identify themselves being attracted to plus sized women. However, there are a huge number of different opinions about big and beautiful women presented on social media. Some transfer their thoughts into some twisted expectations for BBW women, while others appreciate the beautiful curves and soft skin of the big and beautiful women seeking love on best plus size dating sites. 

BBW women with confidence are stunning. 

The best bbw dating sites have done a survey among more than 6,000 BBW women seeking love online, and the results are pretty surprising. According to 53% of big and beautiful women who have built or rebuilt their confidence, the chances of finding a compatible guy is 3 times higher than the bbw women who haven’t yet.