The right way to approach a girl

Don’t act so joyful. Some girls find guys who are calmer and more abstinent are more attractive than those who release their charisma openly and confidently, because they feel safer with the frontier. So don’t approach them with a dashing smile. Try to act calm and cool. Another research also find that hook up women are more inclined to guys who seem to be arrogant, powerful, capricious and shy. Some experts think that gloomy and passive action can better demonstrate the male figure, such as the size of the top and muscle, which enables them to display their attraction accordingly. However, some other people also pointed out the cons of not smiling. It could result in misunderstanding and even conflicts. Just use your smile cautiously and limitedly. You can act like an ice queen in front of other people, but you can reveal an unobvious smile when you are with the girl you like to show your BBW hookup appreciation.

Hide your emotions, but don’t hide your hands. Although we are told that this is a century for us to do certain things freely, such as one night hookup, some of us still keep the conservative concept. But if you do want to experience pleasure, you need to put down that idea for a while. Anyway, being open is the key to BBW dating relationship. But science tells us that playing hard-to-catch will only make it hard to catch. Although being tough on emotion have some benefits, you should make your body open. Let people to see your hands anytime. Make sure your breast is in an open gesture. That will make you look more reliable and sincere.

Women like quite and chill guys. Pressure affects the opportunity for female and male interactions. But don’t act too chill, otherwise you might be mistakenly taken as a cynicism. One good advice on this is to ease the atmosphere by being honest with the person that you are nervous. She might also admit it too. So relax yourself and ease up your facial expression. Watch your body language and the rhythm of your conversation. Get ready for the opening-line.

Humor is often welcomed by girls, but watch out for your subject. It shouldn’t be offensive. When you are with a group of people, try not to act too humorous, because you are going to leave people an impression of being insincere.

Compliment almost guarantees 100% succeed and no failure. However, you need to know the rules for paying compliment. Do not pay compliment on female’s sensitive parts unless you want to be treated as a pervert. You can praise her clothes, her eyes, lips, etc.

Do not bring up sexual related topic. This almost ensures 100% failure. I know there are a great number of guys who just can’t stop talking when it comes to such topic. They have so much to share. But that doesn’t matter. It is a forbidden topic. Instead of showing off your sexual experience, focusing on making her feel special will increase your chance of succeed.