Don’t Be Mad at Being Single

Nowadays, more and more young adults choose to be alone but their parents are worried about them so much. There are some reasons why people want to be alone. Some people don’t want to be hurt anymore . Some people are not ready to be in a serious relationship. And some people don’t know how to live with a lover and also, some people are sentimental and they don’t want to be limited by only a person. However, our parents won’t understand these reasons. And gradually, some young people start to be mad at ourselves because we can’t do anything to change the current situation. Therefore, I hope people will not be mad our ourselved to be single and here are also some advantages we can say to other parents.

Firstly, being single is better than unhappiness. My cousin, just ended the two year relationship with his girlfriend. He knew his girlfriend in a very famous BBW dating app. After seveal chats, he asked the girl out and they became lovers. I asked him the reason why his girlfriend broke up with him. He told me that he had much pressure when staying together. I finally realized. His girlfriend was born in a rich family and she didin’t care money too much and she always asked my cousin to buy her luxury goods as her family would support her before. 

But my cousin was not very rich and at first, he bought a luxury bags which wasted the one-month salary of him. But ,his girlfriend asked more . He knew she deserved this but he didn’t have enough money. Graudually, he felt much pressure when they stayed together. And in the end, he said breakup. He told me he felt released and happy for the moment he said breakup. That was a pity. If you are not happy for being in a serious relationship, staying single may be a wise choice for you.

Secondly, you will find you are also popular in a curvy dating app. Being alone doesn’t show that you are not polupar or no one like you. Some people regard bing single as less popularity, which ia totally wrong. Instead, most single people are very outstanding than the people who have lovers. Some people insist being in a relationship because they are afrais or being said less charming. Lily, a friend of my, told me she had no feeling to her boyfriend now but she worries that other people will say something bad to her. 

Yes, we have to say that girls are always the target of people’s months after a breakup. She was not happy and anxious. Many people find they don’t love their boyfriend or girlfriend but they force them to continue this hookup relationship because they don’t want to be the topic of others . But according to a study in the US, single people are also charming . It is not decided by other people say, it is decided by what you do. Don’t be afraid of this problem. By the way, we can see that single people are more attractive in hookup dating apps or other social media.
Being single is a cool thing!