Things Learnd from The two Relationships I Had on College

After going to college, I was so excited And I didn’t fall asleep fro two nights because as many people knew that college was the place full of youth. I was looking forward to my adventure here. Now, everytime I recall my life in college, I thought it was so valuable not only it helpd me to improve myself on study and life but also it brought me two outstanding boyfriends. Now , I would like to share my college life with you and hope this can give some some hint.

My major was English and not many boys were in my class so I just saw all girls and boys as my good classmates and hope we could study and have fun together. During the first semester, our majoy had a date with another major in which boys were much more than girls. And a stranger came to chat with me. Actually, I didn’t like this feeling because I was not good at talking with strangers as it might make me uncomfortable. So I said sorry. I came to a quiet place and saw my favorite soap opera. 

At this time, a boy said he loved this soap opera so much and he wanted to chat with me about the later chapters. After 10 minutes chatting, I lefe my guard and we exchanged our contact information. Since that day, he kept chatting with me everyday but he didn’t make me uncomformatable. I thought he was a good guy. Two month later, he told me he had a crush on me and asked if I could be his girlfriend. Fine, a boyfriend with same interests was not a bad choice, I thought. Then, we had been toghther for half a year. From this story, if you want to get close to someone, knowing the interests he/she likes can be a good choice.

I knew my second boyfriend from a famous dating app. Actually, I knew some hook up apps were famous for hookups, I refused to use this app a little. But my roommate told me like bars, there were also some clean hookup apps just for chatting so I downloaded one. My app focused on soul chatting instead of good looking, which could also cause some problems to me. For the first boy I chatted with, he was smart and we had the same interests. 

And he quickly asked me our for dinner. I need to say I didn’t know what did he look like because there was no picture in his pages. I went to a running field and someone said hello to me. I admitted I was caring looking at that time, he was totally not my type. So I didn’t stay with him for long. We just wandered around the field for 30 minutes and I never talked him. About a half month, I started to use this BBW dating app and this time, I was lucky because I met a guy who was totally my preference and things went well. I started my one year relationship. Therefore, sometimes, looking and personality are equally important in dating apps.

Here are my story and hope you can learn something from it.