Should you write the five things in your BBW dating profile?


If you want to find true love through online curvy dating, you need to follow these rules.

1.The unique you

If you've ever looked for a BBW date on BBW dating apps or hookup apps, you've probably noticed that most of them look and sound the same. A bad profile hardly tells you who you are. Instead, they are usually just a bunch of vague nonsense adjectives. An easy way to avoid this is to make sure that at least two (more and better) pieces of information about you are unique. I'm talking about an anecdote, a story about something embarrassing that you can look back at now and laugh about, even the specifics of some of your favorite things. When you include unique information about yourself, you instantly become more interesting than 90% of online daters.

2.Don't try to be funny or smart

Not everyone is funny or smart, and there's nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, trying to be someone you're not can get you into trouble. 99 times out of 100, a person tries to sound interesting or smart in their profile, just as they try to sound interesting or smart. What's worse, what sounds interesting in your mind can make the person on the screen seem rude or rude. Anecdotes are a great place to add some humor to your chubby hookup dating profile.

3.Don't talk what you don't want

A good profile is usually 70% about you and 30% about the people you want to meet, but you have to do it the right way. Don't focus on past relationships you hate. Instead, focus on the positive things you want from your partner. The personal information you describe focuses as much as possible on personality traits, relationship goals, and lifestyle. Never write about looks, attractiveness, or "sexy." When you do, it just makes you look shallow.

4.You can't be everything to everyone

In the process, people came to realize that successful online BBW dating means lots of first dates. Only if you don't have a date at all. The real goal should be more tenth dates. You want to go on as few first dates as possible because you want to meet someone or you risk an emotional breakdown. Many people write profiles to attract more people. In fact, a good profile should put off 90% of readers. Write a profile of the people you want to meet, not just those you think you'll get a response from.

5.It's a story, not an ad. To stop selling

You're not a used car or blender. Stop making a fool of yourself. Instead of trying to convince people that they like you, tell them about yourself and what you want. People you get along with will be attracted to you, while others won't matter in the long run.